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Fitbit vs Bodybugg - which device is better?

Our opinion on devices like Fitbit and Bodybugg

We’ve tried Fitbit and its biggest advantage is the size. It so small, that you can even forget about it. It really helps to get more info on what you’re doing with your body during excercise. It lets you monitor your organism on your phone.

Bodybugg is a little bigger but it is nicely fits to the arms so it’s also very comfortable. You can track everything on your mac or pc.

Our opinion?

All of us do our fitness plans every day. It is an important part of our lifes. We think we should research a bit more of what helps us and what doesn’t. Both of the devices help to monitor our bodies - that’s perfect. You can track calories burned, steps, travelled distance. It helps you to keep progress.

Fitbit vs Bodybugg

There really is no winner. Both can be usefull. After all, it’s not the device that keeps pushing harder and harder - it has to be you.